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Internet Coaching

The internet is a great resource for many things. Today you can re-engage with friends youfve lost track of, participate in professional communities, and search through a seemingly endless sea of information; some of which is actually good! You can also better yourself with internet coaching.

Like traditional coaching, internet coaching can provide customized training and counseling for any number of issues and interests. Having this kind of personalized service and support online can really help focus your efforts and attack any problem specifically from your own personal vantage point; much like you would find with a personal trainer or therapist in the physical world.

Internet Counselor

Considering becoming an internet counselor? This is something that a growing number of people in the counseling profession have explored. Most explore it briefly, as a curiosity. Others, find themselves intent on making the change from traditional counselor to internet counselor.

So how does one become a respected and sought out internet counselor? First it is important that you are qualified to be conducting counseling sessions. This article assumes that if you are reading this you either are already qualified or intend on becoming qualified.

The next step grows out of the question “Why would someone see you as an internet counselor rather than someone in person who is nearby?”. Of course there are going to be a certain number of people who seek out internet counseling because they simply do not want to, or cannot, go to a physical office. However, what about the others who would see someone locally if there was a counselor that could help them. The key here is filling a very specific area of counseling needs that not all counselors can readily. That is right, pick a very narrow area for treatment. In doing this you open your potential clientele to people who need something specific. This is like selling a sugar free, diary free, nut free frozen desert that is tasty online versus selling ice cream locally. There will be people who cannot eat regular ice cream and you are the only one who can meet their desert needs.


Internet Counselor

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